Monday, April 18, 2016

Holly Seddon's Terrific Debut Thriller, Try Not To Breathe - Will steal your breath away! - Ballantine Books

With the success of Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train, new suspense novels are often mentioned alongside these very good, very successful books. While many are good reads few come close to the comparisons. That said, Holly Sedon's debut thriller Try Not To Breathe is well worth your time.
Amy Stevenson abducted in her teens and brutally assaulted lies in a coma throughout much of the book. Unable to communicate for fifteen years, she is helpless to bring those responsible to justice. That is until Alex Dale discovers the helpless state and story of Amy. Alex a recovering alcoholic is trying to get her life back together after the addiction ruined her successful journalistic career and her marriage. Alex finds redemption and purpose as she visits Amy sitting with her determined to piece together the answers to the mystery. That of course is not an easy thing to do when there is no verbal communication. Told in alternating chapters by Amy, Alex and Jacob, Amy's old boyfriend. Like Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train these voices keep you reading and guessing and wondering which voice is reliable.
I enjoyed the book maybe not as much as the two mentioned but Try Not To Breathe promises a bright future for Holly Seddon

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