Monday, April 18, 2016

Life or Death by Michael Robotham- Mulholland Books

My wife and I have just returned from vacationing in New Zealand. We have been blessed to travel to forty-two countries and while we are visiting other places, I always look to discover new writers. I hit the jackpot in New Zealand.
I was browsing the books in a New Zealand bookstore called Whitcoulls and had mentally selected several books to buy from authors I was not familiar with. One was Life or Death by Michael Robotham. I asked the young lady working in the store which local writers she liked. She immediately took me to Life or Death by Michael Robotham and told me she loved all his books. She informed me he lived in Australia and that if I liked Michael Connelly and David Baldacci, I would love Michael Robotham.
I bought Life or Death and was blown away.
Audie Palmer is a man serving a ten year sentence who escapes the day before he is to be released. His actions don't make a lot of sense but as we travel Audie's road one step in front of the police and others who seem to want to harm him, I was caught up in the suspense Mr Robotham was creating. The book is filled with twists, emotions and fully developed characters.
Mr Robotham writes very visually and I can see this being made into a film. It is that good.
Stephen King says, "Life or Death is a nerve-shredding thriller" and boy is he right.
I have purchased several more of Mr Robotham's other books and am currently reading "Watching You" which is downright creepy and suspenseful and does not disappoint..
I am looking forward to Mr Robotham's new book which is to be released in March 2016. It is titled Close Your Eyes.
If you are a fan of Michael Connelly's or David Baldacci's, do yourself a favor and discover Michael Robotham. You may have a new favorite as well.

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